TEXTS – PS 89:19-26,Isaiah 41:6-7, 1COR 12:28.

This is the time that help has been contracted to us, this is the time God has made us trustees of help. We are to give and dish out help to others.
If you need help, it has been laid upon one that is mighty.
Help was duly timed, put in place in response to corresponding needs. It is a product of good preparation.

Help arrives before needs because God saw through his fore knowledge that there will be needs, that is why he put various help in place ahead of needs. God created the earth as help because he knows what man needs, so he brought the help (earth) for man before his needs. Gen 1:3-26.
God created us as his help meet to help him help others.

The body of Christ is blessed with all kinds of specialized help of helpers but the problem is that we are not responding to God’s mind in giving help to others.
The godly are created and assigned with the help ministry but have failed by ceasing and calling off the lines and network of help.

Before help was put in place, it cost something. Someone has to pay the price. And the component put in place for help to come is PREPARATION.

* Contemporary preparation
* Advanced preparation
* Future preparation

There are offices of help that God has placed us and they include:
* Office of holiness,
* Righteousness,
* Truth,
* Wisdom,
* Faith,
* Intercession, prayers and supplications,
* Praise and worship,
* Gate keepers.

Examples of people who stepped into their office of help are Joseph, Esther, David, Samuel, Moses.
As long as we follow Christ, Christ will lead us in his culture gradually.

Stay blessed!

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