Gal. 5:16-18
The flesh fights against the spirit ( i.e. what it wills or want to do) and the spirit against the flesh (i.e. what the flesh wills and wants to do). God wants us to do the things that are true, pure, righteous, that gives life, the right things.
Walking in the flesh or according to what your flesh says is death.

Gal. 5:22-25.
We do the walk:
When we walk in love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, we are walking in the spirit.
There are different kinds of spirits, but the spirit we are to walk in is the Holy Spirit; the born again Spirit man.
Genesis 13:14-16 says ‘…Lift up thine eyes and look…’ – This is an introduction to walking in the spirit. Looking northward, eastward, southward and westward is a complete look, a look in entirety. Learn not to look partially. A complete look is what makes a complete man. ‘Look’ is used here as a metaphor for ‘walk.’
Deut. 11:24 says ‘everywhere the sole of your feet shall tread upon, will become yours.’Therefore, you cannot use physical legs to walk in the spirit.

Walking in the spirit is beyond our physical legs, therefore, the feet for walking in the spirit are:
The use of your thoughts. Your thoughts are feet which are used in walking in the spirit. Get hold therefore of your thoughts.
Your imagination
Your tongue – These are the words you say, the speech or statements you make. You should not use statements of the flesh because that will bring you down. When you do that, you demote your spirit. You must also have a good study and learning to be approved unto God by your words. By your words ye are justified, by your words, ye are condemned. Matt. 12:37
The spirit of your mind. (Gen. 13:14). If you use your sight {mind} well, you will have a good fellowship. (Heb. 11:6). You must see God, His power, angels, and positive things around always.

A man cannot walk in the spirit except he has received Jesus into his life.

Jn. 6:63

The spirit gives life. The word of God is spirit and life. So in walking in the spirit, Josh. 1:8 is applied. If you desire good success, walk in the word of God. Walking in the word means walking in the spirit. Apply your thoughts, imaginations, words and mind to the word of God. As we take the word and begin to meditate, read and hear it, it does something wonderful in our lives. All troubles, worries and fear are removed from the heart of the man that meditates and hears the word. James 4:7
You must digest and study the word daily. God bless you.

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