2 cor 4:6-9

So many has treasures within them, but they’ve not been able to lay hold on the treasure in them.2Cor 4:7

Sometimes ago we were unbelievers but God shone his light of salvation to us in the person of Jesus Christ. 2Cor 4:6a

Jesus, the light of the world, is in our hearts, His face comforts us, gives us direction, guide, comfort, defense, development and progress. What a great privilege to have Jesus shining in our hearts daily. 2Cor 4:6b

Our affliction may be heavy to us, but before God, our afflictions…Hallelujah! …are so light. It means that no affliction we face is bigger than him or bigger than us. Friend, God allows these trials to train us to gain more wisdom to move unto higher levels of glory. Afflictions are not permanent, they are temporal.  2Cor 4:8-17, James 1:3-4.

Our hearts carries the greatest of treasures in the universe, therefore we must keep our hearts very carefully. Jesus the son of the living God lies in our hearts as believers, and he wants us to guide our hearts so dearly; avoiding anything that will corrupt or contaminate our hearts. Prov. 4:23

Those who keep their hearts with all diligence mind what they see with their eyes, hear with their ears, and say with their mouths, how they walk, and what they think with their hearts.

God the father, son and the Holy Spirit dwell in our hearts as believers, therefore we possess the most treasured treasure in the world. My question to you today, Friend, is that, “is God in your heart now?” When we don’t have Him in our hearts, affliction comes in. Ps. 119:67

If you have God in you as lord and savior, the first thing He deposits in you is divine healing.

Matt 6:33. God never told us to seek other things but Him.

If you don’t have enough depth of God’s treasure in you, the material blessings will cause you to fall. Our foundation in Jesus is what empowers us to stay in control over the power, influence and control of material things.


God wants us to WIN with

  1. HIM as our first heart treasure. ( the greatest treasure of all)
  2. Have MEN as a treasure. Prov.11:30, Ecl. 4:9-12
  3. Love-service to God.

True treasure is the possession of the true knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the grace and wisdom of God. It is a progressive revelation of God’s blessings and power that causes one to grow and develop from glory to glory.



Eccl.4:9-12. We cannot succeed alone. God himself showed us an example when he said “…let us…” if we must succeed we must carry our spirits, souls and bodies alongside. We consult our spirits, who gets life from the word and leads us according to the word of life. Our spirits will certainly give life as long as it meditates in the word of life day and night. Job 32:18

The word of God is consulted for wisdom and prudence, to ensure that our work is error free. Joshua 1:8


With man as a small god (Ps. 82:6), nothing shall be impossible. There is nothing good that you can’t do. Don’t be scared, when you come with the power and knowledge of Jesus Christ, anywhere you enter, everything that opposes bow.

We must change the negative atmosphere around us, God has given us the power and authority to through Jesus. We trample upon the powers of this world. Friend, the earth awaits the manifestation of the sons of God. Lk.10:19, Rom.8:19

We serve God with whatever skill we have or occupation we find ourselves with or in. we serve him everywhere, anywhere. We must live in integrity – it is the character of God.

Tell men who you truly are. Be yourself; your starting may be small but it doesn’t mean your end will remain small. Be yourself and be at peace. You cannot be at peace until you be yourself.

We serve in love in our friendship, relationships, families, churches, society, etc.

We do love service first to ourselves before we love another.  Your love for yourself must grow and fill you up to overflow to others. We love ourselves to avoid anything that will destroy us. Mk.12:31, Matt.6:19-21

Friend, the master that rebuked the storm and the wind lives in you. Therefore you are crafted for signs and wonders.

The sky is not our limits as believers, but heaven is our limit because we have unlimited access into the throne of grace. For God has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness, but we must activate this privilege by faith.

The fear of God is a treasure we must win also into our hearts. Anyone with the fear of the lord as treasure will enjoy all kinds of blessings and wisdom. Isa.33:6

We must know how to save financially. Whether we like it or not, there’s always a rainy day and we must be ready. Prov.21:20

Friend, you can make it; make gain with the grace given you!

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