It means to painfully work very hard in order to achieve results. It is a tough spirit in a man that will not give up until that which he knows about success is achieved.

The problem of the church, homes, business, and the nation is the fact that there are too few travailers. When in a multitude (nation) there are few travailers, the resources are not fully annexed. Micah 5:1 reflects what happens when believers refuse to go forward, the enemy entraps them. The moment the movements of multiplying, praying, meditation, evangelism is stopped, the devil takes over. God is looking for continuous travailers (working hard travailing).

A travailer cannot be conquered by the enemy.

The way of the travailer is always lonely and he is in most cases alone or left alone in his ailment. In Genesis 32:24, it is found that Jacob wrestled with the angel alone; things that will cause progress are usually started alone. There is no travail without ailment. Jesus who came to save mankind went through ailment. You cannot travel through the path of destiny without the marks of pain on you.

Most people prefer prevail and availability to travail. The pains of travail are too much hence people ignore travail, it is only travail that can get you prosperity. When there is no travail there can’t be prevail and when there is no prevail, there is no availability. Everything we see today is as a result of people who travailed.

It is only a travailer that has the experience, authority, lesson to speak as a Wayfarer. There is a fare for everyone that wants to travail. The reason why people are stuck in destiny is because they have refused to pay the cost (fare).

A wayfarer is a person who has undertaken a journey and is prepared to pay the cost. There is prohibitive fare, price, cost for everyone who wants to travail, he must be a wayfarer. A wayfarer always go through ailment (pain, sorrow). Ailing brings wailing. Wailing is as a result of hopelessness. Wailing can lead to failing. When you are in a state of wailing, know this, that there is a strength inside of you that you must call upon. In whatsoever ailment we go through, we must exercise courage, confess with your mouth that we are more than a conqueror, greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

When you do not plan for the future you become a slave to the future.

When you plan for the future, future serves you and submits to you.

Only by trial can failure and success be known, announced and defined. Success and failure are both silent waters (or invisible), they only appear when an individual tries them in right or wrong application of principles.  To continue in right application is wisdom; it brings success.

There is nothing else God wants from us other than making our spirit man a house of bread (life’s blessings). Only the energetic, hardworking can bring down what is in the spirit, to the soul and down to the body.

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