TEXT:Isaiah 30:15, 55:6-13,Deuteronomy 16:16-18,Exodus 23:13-15,Psalm 105:37,Genesis 15:13-14,Proverbs 24:13-14,I Samuel 16:7.

God wants you to return to Him. He has an appointed time for every man. He waits patiently for sometime until you pass your limit before He withdraw from you. God does not want us to return to Him void and empty. He wants us to return to Him with evidence of break through and souls that has been brought from darkness .
God sowed us (seed) to bring forth more seeds into His kingdom. That is why we must win souls. To be fruitful and multiply does not necessarily mean you should reproduce sexually but also reproduce the kingdom of God by multiplying souls that are brought to His kingdom.
A branch which can fish, will and is fit to walk and work with God. A good fisher is a good soul winner. Only those who win souls into the kingdom of God shall God alway work with.
1. By death
2. By rapture; Returning by rapture means to return back to the kingdom of God.
You alone choose the form wish to return with. Your way of life will determine the form which you will return. When you live the life of Christ, you will return by rapture but when you live the life of the world, you will return by death.
This aims at how to maintain your fruitfulness in returning to God.
1. Inject/Injection
Everyone of us receives an injection from God which made us living souls. God injected His spirit, life, soul, gift, skill and knowledge in us.
A person whose injection has been removed by God has been rejected. But a person who God did not inject, has been refused. We need to have a supernatural injection from God in order to have divine nature.
2. Inspect/inspection (proverbs 27:23)
Every man ought to pay attention to inspection. Your inner character, knowledge, Spiritual well-being ought to be inspected. We must examine and inspect those things that God has injected into us to know if there are impurities in them.
A thorough inspection brings about a thorough expectation. Your expectations doesn’t come to pass because you failed in your inspection only if you were not inspecting your soul from inside.

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