TEXT:Hebrews11:1&3, Proverbs18:20&21, Job32:17-20, Mark11:24, Luke 18:1, Proverbs35:2, Ecclesiastes1:9&10, 3:14&15, 6:10&18, John18:36&37, Luke2:46-49, 2Peter1:3-11, Luke14:16-25, Psalm19:10-14

We can only achieve and fulfill purpose if we have the understanding that we are born and anointed for answers. When you are anointed, you give answers. Answer is a healer and a solution. If you refuse to pull your answers you will be unengaged.
Life is a seed so also death is a seed that can be sown with The power of the mouth.And both of them reside in the power of the tongue.
You can’t have fruit except you have sown a seed.When you are a sower, your seed processes in power and grows up to become a tree and therefore bears fruit. You must be careful of the seed you sow because what you sow is what you reap. (If you sow life, you will reap life but if you sow death, you will reap death).
Faith is the substance of “things”hoped for, an evidence of things not “things”not seen
The word “things” has two states namely;
*Raw materials
Things in their raw form
*Framed/formed things
Raw materials are used in framing or forming things. Things are created using raw materials. The major business that God gave to man is to use the raw materials to frame, form, produce and and construct things.
“Things” which are referred to as new are not really new because they were first created by God but were hidden in order for us to discover it.
Life is a journey of discoveries. There are three main discoveries
*Dicovery of God
*Discovery of yourself
* Discovery of all the associated matter to use it to create all God made but is hidden.
Desire goes with the art of design capacity. That is configuring a thing to the state or form you want it to be. One that desires is creating a picture of something. We should have conceptual thinking because it is through it that our Faith and desires are released.

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