Ministering: Bishop (Dr.) S. I. Okelezoh


  • Time appropriation is purpose enforcement of destinations y group.

* There is time destiny ground. They  are:

  1. Yesterday
  2. Today
  3. Tomorrow

Eccles.  3:1

There is dateless time- eternity

* What brought day forth was light.

*God decided to call the light on the basis that there was day.

* Light pre-existed before day.

* Absolute light is where there is no darkness makes it a true light.  It’s means Complete, perfect

*Isa. 7

* If you want to get your destiny structured…you must get rid of evil.

*If your yesterday is faulty, it will trouble you through life until you breakthrough


  • The foundation of light

* If you are informed about yesterday, you have something to give to today.

*The content or material for today was gotten from yesterday


*Day is originally made for creating, once it loses its purpose, then true originality is lost

*Creation can only be done or carried out just today alone. It is the only day permitted to create and change and transform.

*If you want destiny change, it must be today

*The mystery of today is that it embodies part of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

*Tomorrow has nothing to act upon until it satisfies today.

*When you have contents in today and today is fleecing…*

* It is foolish to have in your hands today what is for tomorrow

*The seed you have today is what you Will harvest tomorrow, so take time to work on your today

* You must be creative in each day. Therefore, it is unwise to have servants for yourself when you are not creative.

*Creative labour is a manifestation of a kind of wisdom, knowledge and understanding

  • Day is a disclosure of power and glory

* Where  there is creation, there is innovation.

*The reason why some are naked is sin; and if you must deal with sin, you need to apply the blood of Jesus.

*If you believe something, you’ll receive something; if you believe the glorious power, you’ll receive glory.

*If God has loaded a day with angelic power, you must act upon it

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