Those Who Wait On The Lord
saiah 40 vs 1 – 11; 28 – 31

To overcome, one has to get up from a ground state into a high mountain situation. This high state gives birth to a voice of strength. When you speak with the voice of strength and conviction, you exude a spirit of confidence far above your peers. When you lift up your voice, you attract a manifold explosion of blessings in your domain.

The magnitude to which you can lift up your voice is the extent to which you can prompt a release of confidence and blessings and the extent to your reach.

Your ability to raise and plant your voice beyond the shackles about you is the input you need for your healing.

The extent to which you can exercise faith is the extent to which you can behold God. Beholding God gives the grace to become number one. Number one requires your best input. Your best input, however, without a spiritual propellant is synonymous to walking through a race. The effort to run by a merely physical man is plain walking in the realm of the spirit. The spirit man however carries a supersonic velocity that exceeds mere physical ability.

Waiting is investing one’s strength in a specific area of God’s kingdom to promote the kingdom and acquire blessings. You need to consciously put in your strength to make meaning.

Waiting also entails preparing yourself to expect from God. It is the preparation that enables expectation. Waiting is to be well positioned in a place where blessings and promises arise. You are careful in this case to know the period and time of waiting, else you could miss out. It requires a commitment to instructions and programme of kingdom activity.

When a person waits, he is put in a willing position to receive of the promises of God. The degree of strength you expend in your waiting shows God your level of seriousness as an individual. A man who waits is a willing, obedient, dutiful and loyal servant.

True waiters on the Lord know and observe the sheep-shepherd relationship with God. They know how to wait on God, hold on to his word and abstain from misleading doctrines that fly about.

A true waiter possesses a waiting seed. A waiting seed is one that has been sown and awaits the Sun and rain. A waiting seed is patient. A waiting seed gives every last bit of itself for the fulfilment of a larger purpose.

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