Topic: Cause pleader and warriors
By Bishop (Dr.) S.I Okelezoh
TEXT: 1st Samuel 17 vs 29,1st Samuel 17 vs 12,isaiah 9 vs 5,

*Everything we see in heaven and on earth came about as a result of God who cause them to be
*what ever he(God) cause to be in holiness or in righteousness for good and for blessing is power that cause them to be, sustained them and in order to make sure that whatever he cause to be stay in his will.
CAUSE means generative power,generative source where everything started and who generated it(God)
*Cause is a being about of something or an event, the power that bring about the past is the power of CAUSE.
*Cause can be negative or positive. …..may we be of the positive side of causing things to be in Jesus name….AMEN
* Is there not a cause?that’s what David asked his brothers…..remember this was the period where the Israelites was in war with the Philippines. …
*we believer are the pleander and warriors of cause,here on earth
*1st Samuel 17 vs 12(story of David and goliath)
*we believer are also the agents by whom the work of God is done
*As a pleader and warrior of God, when u speak a word out of your mouth,the building or structure of the enemy falls down or goes down
*As a pleander and warrior of cause u carry in your mouth the flood of God,that why when yow speak the enemy flees
*Isaiah 9 vs 5(for every battle of the warriors is with a confused noise,and the garment rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel fire)…

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