TEXT: Isaiah 32 Vs 1- 20
Vision is simply the assignment, work, portion that the heavenly father allocated to a man and the people to do for him. There can be no vision except there’s a man to anchor the vision. Every mission has a vision and it is given to the vision bearer of the mission. If there’s no man, God will not give a vision.
God gave me his vision, an assignment for mankind. The person God uses must be sanctified, described as holy. Remember God made us in his in his image and likeness and said” be ye holy”.
Vision is a combination of two words: Vi which is an abbreviation of view and Sion, another word for Zion. Therefore vision is view Zion.
The vision God gave me is in three fold:
Go and teach my people that they are spirit.
Go and prepare my people for the second coming.
Go and perfect my people.
The word “Go” indicates movement forward. The problem of many of God’s people is that they are in one place without moving forward. God’s people are people of the world and not only those in church and we must reach forth to them with the vision.
“Go” is God’s divine order. In order to follow the vision, we have been given the name of perfection (Psalm 50:2). When you put on perfection, excellence; God is delighted, his glory shines on you and attracts people.

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