Vision is light because it enables you to see (Psalm 36:9).
The vision incorporates the promise that God gives. God called Abraham and gave him a promise. The call and the promise have been one of the toughest or most difficult things in those who are called.
The one who gave the promise has an agenda in his hand and establishes a relationship. The one who calls has a condition for the realisation of the promise. Zechariah 4:6
There are three dimension of grace ior power in man
one resides in the spirit of man. Man is made of spirit, soul and body. They have their order in functionality.
If we want to run the vision, we must understand that our spirits must be submitted to God.
The outward man, the body- this is the one that demonstrates power.
Every a participator of a vision has a gift (potential). Songs of Solomon 1:4.
By yielding to the spirit, you culture your soul and body. Vision comes in line – Psalm 16:5-6.
These are people who have not discovered their visions inside the vision, they operate a one sided vision. They live as shadows. They exist without the God-given predictive manifestation. They are gifted but they are enclosed. They are a voiceless generation. Until you answer the ”god” the Almighty has made you, God will not be pleased with you (Psalm 82:1-6)
Therefore, you must strive to answer the ‘god’ in you so that you can manifest in your generation.

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