Message Title: THE LAND AND YOU

By: Bishop (Mrs.) Osarentin Enaigbe

* Your ground could be where you live, your state, your job, your business, your marriage etc

* What can bring result to you is knowing who you are

* God is not giving you a land that devours its inhabitants but a destiny ground. Jer. 2:21

* You are not fake; you are not ordinary; God selected you before He planted you

* The ground remains silent until a seed is planted into it.

* You are the highest quality seed planted by the Lord. Isa. 61:3-4

* God planted you so that He can be glorified in you. Isa. 60:21

* You are a noble seed planted for blessing and glory. Deut. 28:2


1) Blessings that glorify God. (Ps. 21:3&5)

2) Blessings of goodness. (Prov. 10:6)

3) Blessings that befit your age. E.g. Jesus, David & Joseph (Gen. 47:26)

4) Blessings that befit your status.

5) Blessings that befit your calling.

6) Blessings that befit the glory of God that you carry. Prov. 18:10


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