MAIN TEXT: Genesis 27:1-29

Idea is the basis for innovation, some ideas are simple and some are coded. Ideas are in progressive, they can become greater.

When a man is about to quench, he doesn’t mind risks anymore. Ideas must be weighed, considered and tried to ensure it is used. There are ideas that can mislead, that is why before implementing an idea, you must eliminate all lying, misleading parts of the idea. Verify that the idea can give you light at the end.

Ideas are pointer; they point to something. Ideas are informants, clues, which pop up a fertile, generative, good mind. Ideas are part finders and navigators. Good ideas spring up in those whose characteristics are honesty and transparency. Idea is a prompted, self revelation that informs you of the way out of situations. Many people are not paying attention to the ideas that God has put in their minds that would have given solutions to problems.

There are idea doers and ides undertakers. Idea doers are those who receive an idea and act on it while idea undertakers are those who bury idea in their hearts.

When you carry the right idea, the spirit of the Lord will rest on you. To be an innovator, you must be an idea doer. You must carry the correctness and precision of the idea – this means doing the right thing. To arrive at correctness and precision, you must question the idea to knock out every falsehood and dissolve doubts that may arise about the idea, follow through the spirit of objectivity.

After God formed you, you must also create because the mind God gave man is a mineralized mind which means there are minerals to be mined from the mind.

Let your idea be ideal; ideal talks about standard. It is not enough to have an idea; you must be wise and diplomatic to convince people about the idea. You may have a good idea but the manner in which it is presented may not be right. (Ps. 17:2). Once you have verified that your idea is ideal, you must translate it to reality.

‘‘Ideal personality is made up of ideal ideas’’

Results are achieved by ideas’ concept and pursuing them to reality.


  • You must know the will; the moment you key into God’s will it becomes joint will.
  • Joint move – if we move in God’s direction, God moves.
  • Joint action or operation.
  • Hand over faith of man to God.
  • Divine take over power faith of God.


  • Constrained by the spirit. Job 32:18. Constrain is to make sure you are compelled to a state of high discipline. The spirit constrains you by refraining you from the wrong and restricts you to queue – that is aligning with God’s will and clue.

Ideas are given for you to have clues. Ideas are inspired; inspired ideas can expire if you do not work in the spur of the moment.

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