Message by: Bishop (Dr.) S.I. Okelezoh

A prince is a king, an empowered person, officer, that has the authority to move on to enthronement, to kingship. (Gen. 32:28)

A zone is the ability to stay in our God given limit, and zone varies even within the zone.

There are different zones:

There are the zones of health, prosperity, safety etc. And there are laws and principles that we need to keep to stay in the zone.

The consequences of not keeping the laws and principles of prosperity is poverty. Tithing (Mal. 3:10).

The law of safety has to do with the way you speak, walk and do things. And if you violate this law, you cannot be in the zone.

The reason people have fought their lives to be disciplined is to be in safety and profitable zone.

In life, we are told that if we maintain this shape, we will have an abundant and prosperous life.

What you are called either by thoughts, imaginations and power will affect you. Don’t accept every name they call you. You are a prince and you should stay in your princely shape

There are things that devalue your princely shape, some are;

* Negative words

* Negative imagination etc.

As a prince;

* You must be trustworthy

*You must have a palace mentality and integrity

* You must have palace speech

* You must have nobility

* You must have princely company (majestic circle of friends)

As a prince, in the midst of difficulties, think possibilities that is, through the profession of our faith.

As a prince, you will never lack the divine presence of angels.

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