Joseph is a Fruitful Bough by Bishop (Dr.) S. I. Okelezoh

Genesis 37: 1-2

In Genesis 49:22, the Bible described who Joseph was – a fruitful bough. It went on and on to tell of his fruitfulness, but there is a key factor, an underlining factor that made him become what he was called, and that was his connection to his father.

A bough is the main branch of a tree, which implies that there are other branches. Ba bough being the main part of a tree, implies that it is the part or branch that is voracious in assimilating and eating what is provided or presented by the tree.

The above implies that Joseph is the main branch that will be depended upon, the branch that will be looked up to; when others are struggling, he (Joseph) will be the one to spring forth, to rise up. Joseph was not only a fruitful bough but he was called a prosperous man (Gen. 39:2)

A bough also means shoulder given to carry burden. This implies that Joseph was going to be the shoulder or that he was going to shoulder his family. It also implies that God was looking up to him. And this means too that God is looking up to you to be a kind of Joseph.

Note that if you want to be a bough, a fruitful bough, you must carefully note and consider your growth. The way in which you grow will either make you or mar you. The way in which you grow will either make or mar your destiny.

God is looking for that youth who is growing well according as his destiny requires and demands, and God is very delighted in that youth that is growing well, in righteousness and in faith.

There are two keys that God provides, if you must become the Joseph-like fruitful bough, and if you dare to use these keys, you will doubtless become that bough. The two keys are found in Genesis 37…

Joseph was 17, according to the scripture above, and 17 comprises of 10 and 7. 10 represents the law of God, the commandments of God, not the 10 commandments only, and 7 represents the spirit of God, the spirit of excellence.

Joseph was seventeen and this means that he lived his life in the commandments, in the character of God and in the spirit of God. And if you are in the commandments of God, you will have His character. Every true character of victory, breakthrough, of finding favour with God and man is gotten from the law of God. Thus you must lead your life in the true character and in the spirit of you must be used by God.

I like you to take note that there is a difference between a seed and a bough. You are a seed – a prophetic seed, a destiny seed, but you should not remain a seed. If you remain a seed, nothing spectacular will happen to you or be noticed about you, so you must move from being a seed to being a bough. As a seed, you have not been unwrapped.

A seed is a destiny potential but is covered, the bough on the other hand is the manifestation of the seed. Bough is the manifestation of the growth, maturity, effectiveness and fruitfulness of the seed, it is positioned to solve problems and give answers. The seed is exposed by planting, it claims inheritance by demand in two ways, by allowing its roots to go deep down into the soil to get nutrients and allowing its leaves and branches to spring up to get other external nourishments.

Every seed has a prophecy that goes ahead of it, and if a seed fails to fulfill that prophecy, it has failed destiny.

Now consider the characters that made Joseph a fruitful bough and apply them to yourself

  1. Joseph was a dreamer. He was intensely concerned about fulfilling the destiny and the destiny name given to Him. He dreamt of being a blessing, was a dream interpreter. He interpreted the dreams of prisoners and that of Pharaoh, the king of Egypt.

Take note that dream interpretation means PROBLEM SOLVING IN A PRACTICAL WAY. Which problem are you solving? What dream are you interpreting?

  • He was a master planner and strategist.
  • He was a great/good manager. He managed the prison so well that the captain handed over the prison and its affairs to him. He also managed Egypt very well so that Pharaoh literarily handed the whole nation over to him.
  • Joseph was a great/good leader. This is true because at the age of seventeen, his father already entrusted to him the responsibility of seeing how his brothers were faring.
  • He was a great/good policy maker and counsellor
  • He was an economist
  • He was a financial guru
  • He was master and teacher
  • He was a wealth creator
  • He was a nation builder

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