Message by Bishop (Dr.) S.I. Okelezoh 


Main Text: Ezekiel 37:1-7, 2 Kings 7:1

The power of impartation comes from God and God empowers the world and his people from time to time.

God does impartation through his prophets and agents. The agent of impartation is here today.

Just as Ezekiel was asked by the spirit of God to prophesy unto the bones and they came to life, we as believers can prophesy and decree upon our economy, politics and what we decree will come to pass.

‘Man’ means the complete image and likeness of God with favour, blessing, wisdom, knowledge etc.

‘Son of man’ is the incorruptible seed of the woman through the ordinances that God put in place.

Every Son of man has dominion over the air, sea, earth and power with God. The Son of man do not cry over mountains, they are mountain movers. In case any resistance comes to you, know that you have the power to subdue and because you have power with God, He backs your words and actions.

You must first be the ‘Son of man’ before attaining any other position (in politics, business, etc.)

I like you to know that the Son of man is primary.

Be the Son of Man (created in the Image and Likeness of God) that you were made to be.

Be mindful of this: not until you discover the original you, you cannot become.

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