Main Text: Genesis 5:28-31
From verse 31, we see that Lamech lived a total number of seven hundred and seventy seven (777) years. And that is what the Ministry of Perfection Church is all about – 777; this means:
7 as Perfection in the Spirit
7 as Perfection in the Soul
7 as Perfection in the Body
The 7 we are considering here is the seven spirits of God.
Let us consider the characteristics of the historical foundation of Lamech’s prayer and why it was effective.
* Lamech was a wild man. Wild means powerful, untamable, and uncontrollable by difficulties or troubles. The Devil has a strategy of wanting to tame our prayer life but we must not allow him. When your spirit of prayer is tamed, your prayer will be in your mouth and in your thought but it will not be audible, that is, when you pray but cannot hear yourself, your spirit of prayer has been tamed by the Devil. But when your spirit of prayer is wild, you can hear yourself when you pray and others will hear you too. This does not mean mere shouting or raising your voice in hypocrisy.
There are situations in life that will not hear and answer to meditative prayers but wild, violent prayers. (Matthew 11:12). That was why when Jesus got to the grave of Lazarus, He cried out with a loud voice, saying, ‘…Lazarus, come forth…’’ (John 11:43). Even God in Genesis 1:3 commanded light to be with an audible, loud voice.
* Lamech lived 777years. This implies that he lived a perfect and complete life. For your prayers to be effective, you must live such a life.
*Lamech was insightful; he knew God’s mind and was aware of his seasons. He was also cognizant of change. This is one of the criteria for an effective prayer life. You must be insightful and be aware of the season you are in. You must know God’s mind and season.
* The prayer of Lamech was effective because he lived a life that was effective to his prayer. Lamech was a righteous man and when he prayed, his prayer was effective and fervent.
So, for your prayers to be effective, you must live a life that will give effectiveness to your prayers. That kind of life is the righteous life. (James 5:16)
Note that the proof that your prayer is effective and righteous is the available blessings around. This implies that your prayers must be industrious, productive and must have manufacturing power or ability. The effective, fervent prayer of righteous man availeth much – maketh blessing to abound.
* Lamech prayed and removed curses from his life and incurred God’s blessings.
* Lamech had a historical point of reference. A man of prayer must have a historical point of reference because if he doesn’t, he cannot experience the mighty power of God. Lamech’s point of reference was Noah. Even David had his father as his point of reference, not just because he was his father but because he was working and going on errands for him. And so, during the battle with the Philistine, Goliath, his reference point was requested of by King Saul. (1 Samuel 17:55).
There are virtues that God has placed on our parents, our leaders, our instructors, and He expects us as children or followers to carry these virtues to greater heights.
*Lamech is the father, mentor and he was responsible for his own greatness. Nobody worked out his greatness for him. And so, you must not be in error, wanting others to make you great or prepare our greatness for you
*Lamech is the ninth from Adam, that is, he is the ninth generation from Adam. And 9 symbolizes:
1) The fruits of the spirit. There are nine fruits of the Spirit. This symbolism implies that Lamech walked in the fruits of the spirit, which are love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, meekness, faithfulness, humility and self-control.
2) The power of the Holy Spirit. This implies that Lamech walked in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Therefore, for your prayers to be effective and fervent and produce blessings, you must walk in the Spirit, manifest the fruits of the spirit and you will experience the power of the Spirit and you will be able to know God’s mind for your life.
God is bringing this message to you today to awaken your prayer life. You must live a deep and continuous prayer life for you to get results when you pray. And as you pray, you must believe in your prayers.
Rise up today and pray. Live in your prayers. Believe in your prayers. And Continue in your prayers. God bless you!

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