Bishop S. I. Okelezoh
Secrets of Infancy and the Alphabet
Main Texts: Psalm 8:2, Matthew 11:25-30; Matthew 21:15 & 16, Luke 10:21–24, John 1:9

Since time immemorial, God has revealed His wisdom and glory through young children. Children, otherwise known as infants, by the level of their knowledge and exposure, are utmost unreliable but God in his infinite wisdom has always manifested great signs through them.

Infancy is the first stage of life. At this stage, there are peculiarities of varying nature to the people at this level. One of such is infant learning which primarily comprises of knowing the alphabet.

The alphabet is the first piece of knowledge ever to be learnt. It is in the combination of A – Z that God has aptly hidden some of His secrets and his glory.

U – The 21st letter is one of such. U stands for the person of God. It mirrors the power, sovereignty, and ultimate wisdom of God, the creator. The ‘U’ also signifies you. It points to the strong nature of God replicated in every man.

V – The 22nd letter stands for vision and voice. It is closely tied to the U as it represents the vision and voice of God that has been deeply implanted in you by God to change your life and affect those of others around you.

W – The 23rd letter stands for a duplication of the U which is God. This duplication gave rise to the persona of Jesus who embodies the love of God and transcends it down to man directly. He thus serves as a channel of communication between God and man.

X – The 24th letter stands for multiplication, increase, blessings, explosion that is derived from a clear communication with God, through Jesus.

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