TEXT: Prov. 31:10-30, Rev. 4:11, Gen. 15:3-4, Psalm 82:1-6, Psalm 87:1-7, Prov. 31:10, Eph. 1:16-

Only God can produce a virtuous woman that can truly understand the ways of God and can faithfully perform her activities towards God and her husband. A virtuous woman utilizes her gifts and God given talents which can never get spoilt. She is resourceful, good and full of righteousness from God. She is called upon to do good in everyday of her life and not evil.
Favour is interpreted into labour, it enables you to do that goodness and blessings given to you. Degrees of excellency differs “Excellest them all” shows the promises of a confirmed better life. It shows that one day, we are going to go on parade. Only by parade is excelling revealed. Our life, colours and good works is paraded to God. Everything we do shall go on parade. This parade pleases God because he has invested much love in us.
• It means to go pass something
• To be ahead of others in various ways strength, power, beauty, glory, quantity, character, love, faith, obedience, fear of God, and soul winning.
Excel is determinable by system scale of evaluation, measure, acquisition, calculation, process of the definitive point of when, how and where to progress. Life is accountable, recordable, counted for God’s judgement.
VIRTUE is based on the word of God, life, light, spirit, love, faith of God. It is the revelation of God’s glory via the light of God’s goodness tested by men. EXCELLENT VIRTUE is primarily derived from the person of God himself that is the seed of God, fruit, son and spirit of God. It is the best reward from God. The word of God is what is required for our growth and continual uprightness. It is the word of God that abides forever. Faith carries virtue and power without faith there is no virtue and power.
How do you use your virtue? It is used as light raised of Holy competitiveness search by the Lord God. It is also used as the revelation of God glory via the life of good men. God is the verifier and judge that recommended us. He is the time maximizer and minimizer by engaging division of labour.

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