TEXT: Prov. 31:12,17, Isaiah 48:17, Mark 5:28-34, Luke 10:19, James 5:17-18, James 5:16, Mark 5:26, Eph. 1:19-20, Philippians 3:10, Job 32:8, Jer. 29:11

Virtue is the behavioral pattern that is showing high moral standard. It is a moral excellence, a trait that is dean to be morally good as a foundation of principle and good moral human being. Virtue is God, light, spirit based and every good thing that God has to offer. If you are looking for virtue, you can’t find it elsewhere, you only find it in God. Virtue is very important and has two components which are character and power. Character is the issues in every human being life. Jesus did not come because we did not have clothes, he came because we had issues with character and power.
Virtue is in-born, inside of us which Christ came to restore back in us because it was neglect. God wants us to gain. What do you gain from virtue? You must endorse yourself with virtue because the gains are much.
• Virtue solves issues in your life and destiny.
The word “solve” means to cure, take away pains of issue and life has issues. The woman with the issue of blood in mark 5:28-34 was hurting badly but was given the power to be healed when she submitted herself to virtue. When virtue is missing, the devil has a way of misleading people. It has power to destroy lingering issues. No matter what is behind it the power of God can destroy it when you give yourself to virtue. How many people will give themselves to virtue?

• It builds in you the power of earnestness.
Earnestness missing out of life, no success. Earnestness is a state of being frank, sincere, deep in what you do, being focus and serous with what you do. Being careful of what you hear or say because its what you hear that are the building blocks of life. When you are earnest, you earn something which is the power to control events. Events happens in our life, different kind of event but God has given us only on kind of event which is compatible with our destiny.

• It gives you the power of effectual prayers.
When you are doing effective prayer, it gives you power to have a surveillance over everyone that is connected to you for good. It becomes fire for everyman that wants to connect to you for evil. Virtue does not fail to deliver, it’s all about gain

• Power of resurrection.
The devil is unto killing. No matter what is lost, there can be restored (Eph. 1:19-20). The power of Christ’s resurrection was not in his grave, it was not with does who put him in the grave, it was in virtue, the life that he lived when he was alive.

• The power to excel in business and all martial endeavors.
We were made manufacturers (Proverb 31). Virtue is God based, it gives you inspiration. There is o business that can excel from stage to stage without inspiration. You can’t talk without thought, it is thought first before talk. Ideas and inspirations come through thoughts drawn from a spirit that is connected from God (Job 32:8). Inspiration can come anywhere, we are talking about the one that virtue can bring. We should give ourselves to virtue. Virtue is a person of God, that when he wants to really bless, he will give you virtue that cannot be challenged. The only way we can get it is to give ourselves to His presence.

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