TEXT: Genesis 22:1-17

Thanksgiving Day is not a day for a long sermon, but a day when we act on the sermon that God has given to us previously; the demands of God that He required of us previously. The day of thanksgiving is actually the day of thanking, worshipping, praising Him and presenting to Him the things He demanded us to bring. It’s the day of presentation of our gift, substances to God; which He weighs to know our faithfulness to Him.
There are thanksgivings that are receivable and there are some that are not receivable. If your thanksgiving is receivable by God, then He pours His blessings on you; if only we have the correct or right attitude to be accepted by Him. The ability to do well lays within a man and the ability not to do well also lays within a man. A man that does well, doors of blessing are opened unto Him.
Thanksgiving Day is a day of invitation: it’s God who invites us and gather us to give Him praise and worship. The first invitation comes from God (Genesis 22:1-17). Thanksgiving Day is a day of double invitation: God is inviting us and we are in return inviting Him to come down and receive our blessing. Fathers invites sons to bless them and sons invites their fathers to honour them; the ultimate role of a father is to bless his son, not to curse him and the ultimate role of a son is to honour his father.
How do we honour God, our father? Honour is a well-prepared substance blessing that sons present to their fathers and mothers. To really honour your father, mother and even God, you are to bring before Him substance blessings that are enviable, honour and of great value. Example is the story of Isaac and Jacob.
Good thanksgiving has great generational blessings that can remove any form of curse, do miracles and even open doors.

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