TEXT: 1 King 17:8-9, Philippians 4:15, Philemon 1:6, Luke 4:16-21, Acts 24:16, Luke 2:52

• To do regularly what keeps the status of a king. What you did for power to come is what you do for it to remain.
• To do continuously what keeps a thing in place.
• To keep maintaining an action for results.
To sustain also means to keep excelling. Both success and failure can be sustained. Don’t sustain failure instead sustain success. The principle of success must be sustained. Sustain can be broken but what do you want to break? Sustain has two power component which are Giving and Receiving.
Giving and receiving is a communication of faith. Faith is the substance hoped for and evidence of things not seen. Substance is the formation element of a thing. If you want to form a thing, you must first produce the constituents in that thing. These substances are called faith. Substance must move from the hand of the extractor to the hand of the producer. The movement of substance from the extractor to the producer and the movement of the producer to the extractor spectator is called communication. If you give substance to earth without the seed, will the earth produce? You can’t go to the producer with an empty hand.
God commanded Elijah to sustain people. Elijah means a man that stood in, by and for God. It means “my God is Yahweh”. It is released into manifestation by painfully giving an offering to the spirit and power of the living God in Elijah.
Most miracles occur during most difficult, dangerous, hopeless and failing times when the desirous are ready to wait for miracle working command of the anointed God. God always command miracle to happen to those who are always demanding from Him. God commanded a widow woman that was almost at the point of death (not having enough provision to fend for yourself and her son) to cater for another (a man of God). By giving to the man of God first, before attending to herself, she sustained herself. The order of giving is sustained.
They met at the gate of the city. Don’t be difficult to trace and be identified. The widow woman relocated to a place where she was found. Always make yourself available. Timing is the best key to succeed. It was because she was at that place at that time, God used His servant to bless her. People who don’t have God are the poor. We are anointed to preach the gospel to the poor. The gift and anointing given to us by God are meant to please Him and deliver this world. Every disobedience to the world of God attracts demonic attacks.

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