TEXT: Luke 2:40-52, Eccl. 3:1, Eph. 2:1

Purpose of God is very essential. It has a time line, set time appointed by God according to the time of life and therefore it can expire. For you to be a teenager, youth and adult, there is a time fixed for it. There are things that you are to learn at your age, if a man misses them he will regret the days of his life because there was a purpose set aside from the day you were born. Bringing purpose to pass by identification, utilization, and execution in service delivery of mankind is the essence of life. The reason we are brought to this world is that God gave us a purpose, target, and goal to achieve which must be brought to pass but must be identified. What is your purpose here on earth? You can only get hold of your purpose of your life by identifying and then utilizing it.
Purpose is golden and glorious when you have and manifesting it. It is on time, now and eternity rewards those who has identified it. When a man or child discovers his purpose now and eternity, he will receive reward. Those who discover their purpose on earth and fulfil it, be also be rewarded here on earth. It is an all-time rewarding now and in eternity.
Purpose is blessing. When you discover your purpose, you bless God with it. When you are praising God, and thanking Him for the life He gave you, you are actually blessing Him and humanity. All good purposes are employees of the will of God the employer. They were employed by God the creator and He handed the purpose that He employed to men. All this purposes were embedded in the will of God.
Purpose is tied to era, dispensation, edge, and entrance in the ages to come. When God created Adam and Eve, where you there? He distributed the purpose to us so, He never left us. By prophetic distribution, God distributed His purpose to us even when we were not there that is why we should not despise the prophecy because in it we were told about the last days.
Purpose count since it is very vital and how rewarding it is, devil is very furious about it. Since we now know that purpose is important, we need to find how to discover it.
• Time
• Distance
• Absence
• Ungodliness. God will not reveal His purpose to one who doesn’t believe and serve Him.
You cannot see God’s purpose for you until the His spirit reveals it. Discover God’s purpose for you at an early age and you would be shock by what follows.

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