TEXT: Gen. 18:10, Gen. 8:22, Esther 2:8-9, Gen. 41:48

Opportunity is a chance for you to manifest that which God has put within you. God has endowed everybody with a specific, peculiar and precious gift. This gifts leads to individual specializing in different areas of life and also leads to value creation. A gift is a potential or talent in you that has to be displayed which people will value and place demand on. The displayer of your gift leads to patronage.
Time was set by the God, yet he does not monopolize it. In time, there can be both expression of good and evil. For us to work in the agenda of good, we have to know the will, purpose of God. What is the will of God? The plan? What is the big picture? The will of God is that which each and every one of us are to execute round the surface of the earth. The will of God is to preserve us, to give us life, hope, eternal life, to draw us closer to him, to bring us to the place where he dwell.
There is no way a man can work in the will of God without knowledge. You cannot execute what you don’t know. For you to really activate your vision, you have to do it with knowledge, information. Knowledge reveals opportunity. Only the knowledge of a season would inform a farmer when to farm next. Having resources is not enough, do you have knowledge? Opportunity sometime can be elusive to some persons who don’t have knowledge. This leads to frustration
If you are not active fulfilling the identity of God, you are fulfilling the agenda of evil one. Do you want to succeed in life? Go through the process of time. In this time, God will furniture you to be a better man, don’t leave mentorship half bath. Seed time is not harvest time. The day of your youth is your seed time. Your tomorrow depends on what your sow today.
Without preparation, there is no manifestation. Go through the right process. Invest quality time research in the word of God. Only a man that is prepared can seize the opportunity he is given.
What are you doing with the opportunities presented to you? Joseph is a typical example of a person who managed his opportunity. You cannot be a carrier of vision and not experience trouble times. God did not promise you that there will be no trouble, He said “I shall be with you even in times of trouble” God through trouble is making you a champion.
God imprints in our heart a resolute determination to consistently and persistently walk in his will no matter what. The son of God in the face of trouble, he knew the will of God. But oh! How painful it was.

• Prudence
• He was a team player
• Wisdom
• Accountability

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