TEXT: Rev. 22:16, Prov. 21:1, Jer. 10:23, Prov. 22:6, Luke 10:38-40, James 1:21, Psalm 102:25-27, Isaiah 51:6, Gen. 8:22

You as a youth, you must be careful on how you drive your mind. Who are you driving your mind to? The enemy has created different means, areas to magnet, to drive into this various multifarious areas that are embellish with some exciting things of the world. Many Christians are now lost not in the vision, faith but certain powers that are driving their mind off God. Everybody is mind driving, but where you drive your mind to matters a lot. A man either drive his mind to dangerous places or a place of safety. If you want to succeed, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit must be your mind driver. In the act of total submission, allow the Holy Spirit to have a firm grip upon your mind.
God is the mind driver of the redeemed, saved, he sees upon the rays of the power of their mind and mind drive them to all good things, successes, victory, and all prosperity. In Prov. 21:1, if you make God the driver of your mind thought and imagination then be sure of success. The basis of the success is that the Lord was with Joseph who drove continuously, was driving his mind.
The Lord God is the one that sits upon the throne of David (Rev. 22:16). The life and success of David are based on him. When David was serving his generation, it was God that was driving him.
The message of mind driving is concerned about doctrine, principles that parents shouldn’t take likely. Parents have children whose speed of driving is faster than their own. Every child, every youth is in the business of driving their mind. No man sets on a journey without knowing his destination. No man builds a house without estimating the cost. No man goes into business without a goal. Parents are the trainers of their children. Trainers must excel in superior knowledge, understanding and wisdom to do, dissolve the curiosity, adoption, adaptation, searching, and craving youthful exuberant in wrong driving growing up children.
People depart from God because they were not entrenched in the training. Trainers must know the various stages of the growing ups. They should know the entire whole distance to the end. The entire steps guide in the growing up and the various showed ways but be fully inculcated into the child and achieve this permanent of its internal security of non-departure.
There is no reason we should fail because we have the mind of Christ.
One thing that is needful in this generation is RELIGION. It is not Godly but only Christianity. Christianity is the sure way, the way of Christ. There are pure and impure religion. Pure religion is defined before God and the Father. All scientist, researchers, technologist and unending search to discover, are advanced more in fame, riches, wealth all form of new exploits. This is the conclusion in eccl. The bible said fear God and obey His commandment. Religion has three dimension.
• RELI- To rely on someone. It means to have faith, hope, and trust in that person. The primary duty of every one on earth is to rely on God
• G- God.
• ION- If you serve God and believe in him, everything you think of is made of matter.
Every future have its peculiar face features. Future is about development. Future citizens and nationalities are ingenuous, innovators, creators defined according to that age, time, things, future that features. Earth generational changes brings about earth textural changes. Thus earth can grow old (Psalm 102:25-27, Isaiah 51:6).
Be fruitful and multiply means to reproduce the spirit, soul and body put in him by God. God wants you to walk in the number of six. The number of six signifies the name of man because God created the world in six days and in the sixth day he created man. Be creative in your spirit, soul and body.
Problem arises us to go into creativity. Expected things arise but the living and extension hope goes on and to keep on living hope, we must reorder new things of hope. True faith was framed by God. God prepared you the center stage for you in this era. When a man subtract or add to his identity is a sin before God.
• Every man is a god from God because he was made in the image and likeness of God.
• God gave name to every god.
• Every man know the name his own god given God.
• Every god answers their name.
• There is a king in you imprisoned and deactivated in you.
You god which also is your self-king dormant inside you as a prisoner of hope must be released.

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