Job 36 vs 10-12,  Job 22 vs 21-30, Joshua 1 vs 8-17, 2 Timothy 2 vs 14-17, Isaiah 55 vs 10-11, Psalm 68 vs 9-11, Haggai 2 vs 18

There are different kinds of prosperity, some emanates from evil. Prosperity is not limited to money; it also refers to the fullness of life.

Man right from the beginning needed mentorship, so God mentored Adam and Eve. Therefore, we shouldn’t hold back the gift in us which is the life of God, it must be passed on to others.

The creations of God are holding various information. God has made it in a way, that whosoever is interested in having these information from creations all around us through inquisitiveness, gets it. There are information holders and passers. God made information holders and passers who communicate and transfer information that can make one succeed.

The secret of information can only be disclosed through inquisitiveness. It’s about finding out how something you see began, how things take place and study to be able to make similar things.

As believers we pass on:

  • Life.
  • Light.
  • Power.
  • Authority.
  • Anointing.

Information passers are messengers. God called messengers because of the host. A good pass must go through – go through means what you are passing on must be thorough and gets to its final destination. When the information gets to the host, the information gets utilized. Host means a large army. It also means a people ready to receive a guest; a host audience. The information you receive forms you.

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