TEXT: Prov. 31:23, Rev. 21:9, Gen 22:17, Gen 34:20

The virtuous woman is a woman who fears God, committed to the growth and prosperity of the home, community, and the society. Her impact is transgenerational and her influence without borders. I would like to refer to the ‘virtuous woman’ within the context of the Church of Christ. As is well known the Church of Christ is referred to as His bride.
The book of Proverbs 31:23 stated that; “her husband is known in the gates”. In other words Christ is known in the gates because of the Church which is His bride.
A gate can be defined as a point of entry or exit to/from a space which is enclosed by walls. A gate is a stronghold and a critical point of battle determination.
In other to get a full understanding of this statement, we would like to consider the significance of ‘gates’.
• ALL-ROUND VICTORY: In the book of Genesis 22:17, God promised Abraham to both bless and multiply him. He also stated that his seed shall possess the gates of his enemies.
The chief enemy of man is the devil whose mission is to steal from man, kill man, and destroy him. This is contrary to the purpose of Christ which is to give us abundant life. In carrying out this mission Christ had to defeat the devil and all his powers thereby earning a more excellent name. Indeed He is known at the gates of the enemy because he possesses the keys of the gates of hell and of death.
Seeing therefore that we have been given authority by our husband Jesus, we have full restoration of everything that was stolen, and revival of everything that was killed, and renewal of everything that was destroyed in our lives and that of our families.
• COMMUNICATION: In Gen 34:20, the Bible speaks about communication at the gate of the city.
In terms of communication, gates can be regarded as the means of sending or receiving messages from one person to another. This comprises all the sensory organs of which we would pay particular attention to the tongue. The true virtuous woman who has dedicated her life to Christ her husband, makes it her duty to speak about Christ consistently and passionately. The gates of her mouth are always open to communicate the Word of God and every good gift deposited in her by God. The gate of her bowels of compassion are also always open to those who are in need. As stated in 1 John 3: 17 we must not shut this gate from those in need.
• THE DOOR: In the book of Genesis 28:12, Jacob saw the gate of heaven in the farm of a ladder which was set up and angels were ascending and descending on it. Jesus in the book of John 10:7 also introduced Himself to us as the door. Also in John 14:6, Jesus introduced Himself as the way, the truth and the life.
This all goes to show that it is Christ who gives us a pass from darkness to light, from death to life, from corruptible earth to our incorruptible inheritance in heaven. Christ our husband is known at the gates of heaven.
• CHOICE OR DECISION: A gate can be described as a point of choice or decision making whether to allow or to disallow, to let in or to keep out (Exodus 32:26).This was a point of decision making for the children of Israel and the Levites made known their decision to serve the Lord in the eye of public scrutiny. Has your decision to live for your husband Christ been made public? Are you able to openly advertise your love for Him and your decision to remain continually faithful to Him? Let your decision for Christ be made public because the light He has given you is not to be hid.

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