TEXT: Genesis 6:8-9, Deut. 32:10, Proverb 7:2, Exodus 19:5, 1 Peter 2:9, Genesis 18:1-3, John 17:21, Matthew 16:19, Proverbs 25:2, 1 Cor. 2:1-16, Matthew 6:22, 1 Peter 4:10-11, 1 Cor. 12:14,16-27, Proverbs 8:30-35.

What are the prerequisites that we need to produce before God’s favour, grace can isolate us and say to us “you are my special one and that no power of the enemy will touch you, you have come to the hidden place of the Most high God, the shadow of the Almighty is all over you”? There is a place for that, and all those who want to belong to that class should listen carefully.

Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord because was a just man, perfect in his generation who worked with God. How will he not find favour, grace and be isolated among those who will face destruction? he did not allow the corrupt generation to influence his faith in God. Are you prefect? Do you fear God, do you rob people? Are you added to part of the corrupt people? Are you working with God or with Satan? Who are you working with? Satan has corrupted lots of people in this world. Many people have become Satan’s eyes, his instrument of destruction.

You can’t walk with God if you don’t see Him or know where He is. All the avenues of power that God gave to us, Noah opened them all with His eyes, nostrils, and feelings, he can feel when God is around. You cannot watch if you don’t have eyes. To get to the eyes of the Lord is most difficult thing that anybody can do. It is very sensitive. The favour of the Lord is kept in His eye. Can you get to the place of His eye? When you find grace in the eyes of the Lord, you become one with Him. You will become God’s eyes and God will become yours. Can you become the apple of God’s eyes? Apple of eye means the whole like the bulb in the eye where you can see. So, if a man has become an apple, it is defined as eye resemble apple and if you want to remove the apple of the eye means you are removing the whole of the powers and wiring of the system in His eyes. But it cannot be removed, no one can remove it. Your apple of your eyes never leaves you. The person that God concentrated, anointed and set apart who was going to represent Him in battles, He put power in him and made him take an oath never to tell the secret of the power.

Apple of God’s eye connotes the entire eyes. Thus, it represents
• The entire complete will of God
• The entire vision, dream and prophecy of God. For you to be in that position as God’s eyes, you must know and embrace the vision, dream and prophecy of God as a ministry. God has given us a word of prophecy of what we will do in this generation.
• The entire pleasure delight of God.
• Oversight function is given to you.
• Perfect executive function (Exodus 19:5, 1Peter 2:9).

Noah found grace which is the unmerited favour in the sight of the Lord. When you become the apple of God’s eyes, God can give you power of searching and knowing. It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but glory of kings to search out matter. When you are made the apple of God’s eyes, you now have the authority to search the things God hid. God hides things so we could have the knowledge, understanding and power to know where they are hidden and search them out. We discover the will, secret, success of God every day when we do a good search in God. What is hidden can only be searched out by the power of sight of the eyes. Only the power of eyes can search out a matter that is hidden. No man has the power to search what God has hidden. Such power of eyes can only happen when you search through the grace of God given unto man.

If the eye is singled, the whole body will be filled of light. There is singleness of eyes.
• If you are born again and your eye is singled, your own body will be full of light because it was enlightened and delivered from evil.
• If our eye is one with God, singled with God, His eyes becomes our eyes and vice versa. Singled eyes are eyes that sees, desire and delight in God only. Such eyes are God’s eyes which are given to men. He uses them are His representatives.
Therefore, eyes are instruments of prophecy because the reason why a prophet is a prophet is because he sees. Eyes are reliable seers and God’s oracle (1 Peter 4:10-11). The power of God is behind God’s eye. The power of God always goes to and fro, up and down of those who fears Him. To get to the eyes of God, you necessarily have to break down all His power but no man can break it not even Satan.
Therefore, when we are called the apple of God’s eyes which means that we are surrounded, guarded by His mighty power. If we become the apple of God’s eyes, all these blessings will be yours and this is the prerequisites of exempt class.

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