TEXT: 1 Peter 1:11&13, 1 John 2:20-27, Mark 6:7-8&13, Proverbs 31:10-31, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Proverb 8:1

Jesus is the anointed one, he also carries the anointing. When anointing lives your virtue also lives. A virtuous woman carries anointing. When you have anointing, you have the power of God in you. Don’t doubt the anointing when it is speaking to you. The power of heaven and earth are inside the anointing oil which allows us to heal the sick and raise the dead. When the anointing comes upon you, you can never remain the same. Anointing can turn things around when you know how to obtain it. If you are sick, you will become whole. If you were dead, you become alive by the anointing.
For the anointing to remain, it must be active not inactive. The anointing likes action so if you were sitting, you should stand. The anointing allows the gift to manifest. The anointing is synonymous to victory and grace. It is what makes grace operate effectively. Everyone that has been anointed does not joke with the word of God. Lack of meditation of the word of God, destroys the anointing. It carries the presence of God. The anointing gives you the spirit to design so you will know deeper the word of God. It is the power of God.
A virtuous woman that stands still will loss her virtue. The anointing of God goes away if you don’t work, move and do His will with fear and tremble. A man that is poor physically but fears God is acceptable in heaven and a rich man who doesn’t know God will go to Hell. The fruits of our hands that is winning of souls are our true riches. Riches are not the amount of physical wealth that you possess. It is the amount of souls that you won into the kingdom of God and its accountable in His presence. So, ask yourself how many can you account for when requested by God? Its never too late to start.

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