TEXT: Psalm 1:1-5, Psalm 8:1-9, Micah 6:9-16, John 3:16, Revelation 1:8,18, Psalm 68:18-21, Eph. 4:8-16, Eph. 1:8-23

God delight in us because we are His image and likeness. Delight is magnetic force and pull. Anything that you delight in, there is a force that attracts you to it. Whatsoever you were delighted in, you were eventually pulled to it. What are you delighted in?

Delight can be positive and negative. Those who are delighted in the Satan would not stand in the judgment or in the congregation of the righteous. Are you the treasure of wickedness in the house of the wicked? In Micah 6:16, it is the statutes of Omri that makes the children of God to be desolate and bear reproach.

1. It means “my life”. Satan is looking for the lives of men and women who worship him.
2. It means “my love/ my darling”. Whosoever you love will be your darling. Whatsoever you worship demands your love to the fullest.
3. It means “Never”. With the stages of initiation, he will make you take an oath to keep you in bondage. Never means denouncing and rejecting to be delivered. It also means that you made an oath to never be delivered of the doings of the devil. If you have entered into the secret dealings of the devil to get riches, get out of it.
4. It means “Never in my life”. This means that the person has swore never in his lifetime would he give his life to God his creator.

Another name that makes the children of God desolate is Ahab. It means uncle, brother and is derived from Omir. It therefore means that they belong to the same bloodline. This message is not for just hearing alone but meant to remove you from the life of Omir and Ahab kingdom.

Whatsoever you delight in attract you to the extent of paying a visit to it. Psalm 8:4 says “what is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him? Visit is an ascept of somebody in a particular location that has seen what he is delighted in and begins to make movement towards it. The power of delight will move God from heaven to earth where man is situated. Visit requires motion.

1. The visiting object from originating place.
2. The distance that is covered. You cannot visit what is before you, it has to have a distance to cover.
3. The time taken to cover the distance.
4. The energy, power to cover the distance.
5. The destination of certain places determined by atmospheric, climate conditions and state of compliance adjustment.

Satan is not in charge of death. The key to the door of death and hell has been restored by God. If you really want to deliver yourself from death, God is the person you should visit not Satan. The key to the door of death and hell is only to follow God. As there are ascending gates and doors from earth to heaven, so are there descending gates and doors from earth to hell. Heaven is the opposite of hell. Heaven is up there and hell is down here. Hell is just a temporary place for torment, the real place where fire burns is below hell which is the second death. When the devil captures people he tends to travel with them to the deepest part of hell.

It takes the same distance to enter into bondage to also come out of it. The more steps you take into the word of God, is the same steps you take backward from bondage.

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