TEXT: Psalm 1:1-6, Psalm 34:1, Psalm 37:1-4

A delighted man is a gracious man filled with desires. Be delighted in the law and ways of the Lord. Be delightful in the word of God, in it are embedded wisdom. In this will your vision be birthed. Delight is one of the arms of love and also the practical actions of showing it. When you are delighted with something or somebody, you become a bond or possessed with that thing or person. Most of the things we possess today is as a result, production of what we have delighted in. It has the power of removing and carving the light of a person to the extent of your delight and then it brings good things to you.
Delight is a law, power and desire from a miracle and glory. The expression of laws is that it commands. Presently we are suffering from law with no command. The moment Adam and Eve broke the law, they disobeyed the command and were punished by God. When you develop yourself to become the law, you begin to teach and live by the law. The reason why some people are qualified rulers is because they have ruled themselves first.
• Ingestion
• Egestion
• Gestation
When you don’t set your heart on a thing, true delight won’t come. A delighted man who had just received something will always take it to heart. Whatever you delight cannot be diverged from your heart and mind.
• There will be a bond between the admired and the admirer.
• You become a family member.
We all on earth are God’s family. When Jesus came to earth, He was shocked and amazed at the way the family of God had changed. They didn’t recognize Him instead, they rejected Him.
If a man is careless in inculcating and nurturing his child which possess his gene, that gene tends to change. Generation starts from gene which generates and gives birth. God took time to change His gene which the devil had contaminated in His children because of His love for us.

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