TEXTS – Phil 4:13, Exo. 15: 26, 2 Chron. 21:18

Help means to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task. It is to render assistance, to save or rescue, to make easier or less difficult.
Every one of us has a task to accomplish, how we are to accomplish our task is where help is needed.
Help enables us to be in the right place. A lot of persons have missed it because they found themselves in the wrong place.
Help enables us to do the right thing. Doing the right thing to get the right result has nothing to do with your family background, environment or status. The ability to do the right thing comes from the help we get from God.
Doing the right thing is also a matter of choice. When you yield yourself to God, you are doing the right thing, and when you choose to do the right thing, God causes things to cease for your sake.

Doing the right thing attracts blessings.
When you make up your mind to always do the right thing, help will be made available. As a matter of fact, help has been made available by God to do the right thing. The right thing you do positions you in life.
In this dispensation, God is counting on women to do the the right thing, be in the right place, be with the right people in other to have the right result. Be blessed as you, from today, focus on doing the right tings. God bless you!

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