The Holy Spirit is the power of God and Jesus is the might of God. Might is the capacity, extent of both the largest, height a container in response of the content due to the omini-capacity of Christ. Christ is the treasure of all the treasures of God.
If you want to talk about having the might
Capacity can be enlarge when you happen to be with the greater one that expands your capacity. Your capacity can be enlarged when you find someone of knowledge.
When you are close to the apostle, your capacity will enlarge.
Your capacity cannot enlarge if you are not close to the carrier of that grace.
The measuring line
You must measure
You must build
A man who has a measuring line has a vision. Measuring line is your mental soundness. If a vision runner is not sound in his mind he can’t run vision, if you want to run a vision you must have the accurate line, the wisdom to run it.
To measure is practical application of the ground assessment. Cost fo labour- whether if your personal cost or the labourer you will use. You also need to know obstacle assessment. Abraham waited on God for the promise and the future. God has put in you what he will do through you. God waited for Isaac. God is waiting for the Isaac generation.
He is the promise fulfilled; he is the manifestation seed.
Isaac is the incarnated promise.
He is a revelation seed of God’s promise.
He is the revelation of Abrahams believe in God.
He is the covenant seed of promise.
Isaac was given as the will of God whose willingness and obedience had been sanctified.
The anointing that resides in us when we get born again is one that causes us to know all things that we may not be deceived.
Isaac lived out his calling.
Vision runners are calling/vision doers like Isaac.
He is the cornerstone reference points of obedience.
As you continue in obedience to God wisdom will multiply. When Christ is inside you, you are dead to host. If you are not able to control yourself at a particular season you won’t be able to control yourself in the future.
Your capacity can be enlarge when you find the greater one of knowledge. Your capacity cannot be enlarge if you are not close to the carrier of grace.
Your mental soundness is a measuring line, accurate knowledge, understanding of the vision.
God has put in you what he will do through you.
You are the one who will change the face of the earth.
Isaac is the promise fulfilled.
He is the manifestation seed

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