MAIN TEXT  – 2 Chron. 7:14.

One of the primary names of God is man, and man is the form and shape of God. Man is God’s image and likeness; when you see man, you see what God looks like.

The nature God gave to man represents Him on earth (2 Chron. 7:14). The identity of man is the identity of God. Man represents the person of God.

God came down to be a man and lived inside man (im-man-uel). He came through Mary into the world so he could demonstrate the ways of God. That which has already be named and known is man. God is man and man is god. He is mightier than man. When you see man, you see what God looks like.

‘Man’is a better and more excellent name than the Angels. Man operates in a higher degree than angels. (Heb 1:4-5). God is higher than man and man than the angels (Heb 7:1-4).

The bible recorded that Jesus sanctified us therefore Jesus and man are the same.

Don’t be deceive, the kingdom of God is within us. But Christ is coming now. At the end, God will Judge us according to righteousness. Everything you do here on earth will be used to Judge you.

The original creation of God and image of God has lost their glory and no longer look like God. Man has corrupted himself, he has changed himself from the person that God made him to be and unfortunately, that is the state of so many of us in our world today. Thus, it is important that we as men made in the image and likeness of God know that our lord is coming very soon.

Don’t forget that some things globally will continue to sink; but those who know their God will be strong and do exploits.

Build yourself strong in the lord because there is sorrow that is going to shake the earth. Recession did not start today neither did it begin in this regime. When our flesh recedes, it’s a recession. When our part is no longer pure there is a recession. When our minds no longer thinks of what is pure – when we begin to think about dirty things, its mental recession. When there is a deviation and drop in nobility something is about to happen – It’s a recession.

You and I (the church), are the problem of Nigeria.

Why is the spirit of God saying that the church is a cause of this problem? It is because we have joined forces with the unbelievers. The church is now looking for money and forsaking the path of holiness and righteousness. Judgment will begin with us as Christian because God will judge the primary first before the secondary. We are supposed to show people the way.The church has deemed their light.

God told us that we are the salt of the earth, many Christians have lost their saltiness. They are now corrupt like unbelievers.

Now you have the time to ask for mercy and for the blood of Jesus to purify you when you sin. But what happens when you are in the middle of your sin and rapture takes place?

When the son of man appears will he find the true quality of a salt and light in you?

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