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Message by Bishop (Dr.) S.I. Okelezoh
Main Text: Matthew 24:37, Genesis 6:5-9
The voilence that we see everywhere is an indicator to the coming of Christ. And we know that apostle Peter said that the earth is not going to be destroyed with water but will be melted away with fervent heat (fire).
The earth was made because of man. It therefore means that there is communication between the earth and man. Corruption started with man. But when we look back, we can see that there was a spirit that corrupted the world, it is Satan the devil, he is the author of corruption. And if we must fight corruption, it must be from the root, and the pure religious body is the place to fight corruption because they have the power from God. Any religion that cannot cast out devil can never produce any good thing, and it is not of God.
We see from Gen. 6:5 that evil thoughts and imaginations filled the earth as of Noah’s time, and this is what we see today in our time. Where there is such (evil thought and imagination), there will be immorality. People who are immoral cannot be trusted, cannot give true love, cannot give justice or sound judgement.
The attributes of immorality amongst others are fornication, adultery, stealing, killing, not regarding the life of man etc. And where there is immorality, there will be violation.Immorality breeds violation which grows to vibrant, active destruction of life and things that could be for our existence. Here, there is physical destructin of life and properties of existence.
The scripture tells us that the end of a thing is btter than the beginning thereof.
Thus, we must undersatnd that there are two platforms (or visions): the platform of good and the platform of evil. The devil which is the author of evil, that is, he operates on the platform of evil. So, if we must trace corruption, it must be from the root, which is Satan, the author of immorality, the author of corruption. His mission (and vision) is to steal, kill and destroy. He is the anti-God. John 10:10
We must understand that in both platforms, good and evil, there is the need for teaching. Those who are of the good, who stand for good, teaches well the adherents, and the followers will carry that good into the society and run with it. This also applies to those in the secret chamber, the evil. These two platforms do run – they are on mission with their visions. This goes to show that there is a great hunger.
In the last day, the people of God who are zealous of good works will run to God. The proof of the one you run to will be shown. If you run to God, the blessings will be seen. Therefore, we must run to God on daily basis to get blesings which we share amongst people.
The ones who run with the evil vision will run to the satan, the devil. They get evil things, imagination, violence which they use to destroy. Their agenda is to execute evil and is still going on.  These evil imagination started with man, as we saw earlier, as of Noah’s time. It then went on to violating rules, rules of peace, which eventually went on to violence.
Be aware that the two platforms we are talking about are in motion, going in opposite direction, and at the end of the age, they are going to converge, they are going to fight.
This reveals that Christ is coming, not just soon, but now. And He is coming with His shining light. As Jesus is coming, His people should have developed themselves into massive lights which are put together, and with this lgiht, we are going to put (chase) darkness to flight. So as Jesus comes, those of us who have our light will trim it up if we were faithful, loyal obedient to  put within our lamps, our systems, enought of the oil (Matthew 25:7). We will shine brighter, we will be sensitive.
The scripture has told us about global violence. We are in the end of time. The days of Noah are here. Prepare yourself because Jesus is coming now!!!

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