TEXT: John 20:1-21
Jesus was born again from mother earth for the purpose of recreation. The first mother of a child is not the biological mother but the earth.
The birth of Jesus marked a new beginning. When He was born, the three wise men offered three gifts with different significance:
i. Gold, signifying His glory and royalty, it shows that Jesus is the author of abundance.
ii. Myrrh, used in preserving the body for holiness, purity in life or death.
iii. Frankincense, is the sincere worship, adoration, services to God. It invokes the energy in service to God.
Jesus was sent by God to wash away our sins at the cross of Calvary. Before He went to the cross, preparations were made; there were particular set of people assigned to carry out the preparations. For instance, the woman who anointed His head with oil from her alabaster box, Joseph of Arimathaea who took His body to the sepulchre. The primary purpose of Jesus’ body buried in the sepulchre was to anoint mother earth and it (mother earth) was given a specific period of time (3 days) for His resurrection.
When Jesus resurrected, He ascended to heaven to present himself to be examined by the Father, just as God examined all He created and saw that it was good (Genesis 1:4), He received a crown from the Father. His death and resurrection was a divine plan made by God which had to be accomplished. The death of Jesus showed His willingness to save mankind.

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