Bishop Samson I. Okelezoh
Titus 2 vs 11 – 13, Psalms 1 vs 1 – 6, II Peter 3 vs 12 – 13

What are we looking for? What have we set our eyes and heart upon? This is a question we need to consciously interrogate ourselves with.
In the days of Noah, the world experienced an instance of global destruction. The flood destroyed a large portion of the earth, as well as people who had decided to look away from God. This left the earth with only eight (8) human survivors. The number, 8, as we would have it stands for baptism and circumcision, a sure sign that the circumcised are of great value to God as they have taken upon themselves a life of righteousness. However, in our present day, circumcision goes beyond just the shedding of skin. God is looking for those who have circumcised their hearts.
Circumcision of the heart is a conscious decision to stay steadfast with God. It’s a state of standing in God’s promises – the surety of Christ. God’s promises explicitly doles out eternal benefits to better the life of men in all godliness and wealth of riches. But standing in these promises entails a defined level of righteous and holy living on the part of the believer.
God’s promises include life, health, prosperity, breakthroughs, and a host of several other untold blessings. These were given off when Christ was nailed on the cross. His blood still serves as a cleanser and healing balm to those who believe. However a life of iniquity will ultimately deter a man from reaching this state of being blessed without stress. A double-minded walk with God will reap no good reward. There are no two ways about it – the farther you are from God, the closer you are to the devil.
Standing with God therefore has to be a well measured practice. To stand firm, just like in the world of matter, an array of requisites hold importance and the number one of these is your root. You have to make up your mind to be well rooted in the promises of God. Your root is your heart. Where you fix your heart upon is where you will grow on. Stay fixed in God as you anticipate Christ’s coming and you will live a life full of promise.
At the peak of our redemption, all our constituents will be metamorphosed into the spirit being that we essentially are. This is why our main focus in our look for God should not be centered on money and materials but rather should be based on manifesting the glory of God, so that we will not mindlessly take a fatal detour.

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