Bishop (Dr.) S.I Okelezoh
John 10 v 35 – 36;Genesis 1 v 26 – 30;Psalm 82 v 1, 5 & 6;John 1 v 3;

The ‘gods’ came from Almighty God. Everyone of us is a type of Rebekah that is one with Christ. We are the body of Christ and we all are gods.The purpose why God made us gods was as a result of His unbreakable love for us to be like Him.

God wants us to be close to Him and have intimate fellowship with Him so that we will know what is in His heart. We as gods were formed and brought into existence by the grace and word of God.

God brought men into existence by His rich grace and made us gods. As gods we are equipped with extraordinary power to create. God stands in the congregation, at the side, to supervise the action of men who are made as gods. He stands to watch their activities. Watching to see how well we can utilise this ability in us. To aptly utilise this ability, God has given us the power of education as a tool.

Real education in the sight of God is that you know that you came from the word of God and you are progressing in the word of God. When you are thinking low or merely of yourself, you are not pleasing God. Instead, you should have faith and start budgeting in God. He wants to have fellowship with gods (ie the children of God) who believe that they are gods. Everyman came into existence and form through the word of God. It was the word of God that blessed us and made us gods.

God fellowships with those that believe in his existence and He makes them gods.When God sees a man that behaves like Him, He stands to appreciate him.The level and height of your altitude is determined by your belief in God.

Fear is a negative feeling of destruction sent from the pit of hell. The word of God can purge fear out of us and give us quickening power over it. Anything and everthing we are looking for is with God.

1. A god has love from God.
2. A god is a spirit man.
3. A god is a reflection of the light of God.
4. A god must fulfil destiny vision.
5. A god must be a seed of zoe.

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