Bishop (Dr.)Samson I. Okelezoh
Genesis 27 v 1 – 36,II Samuel 11 v 1

The formative words of this topic are keys that enable us to know the kind of effort to put in securing our blessings. Not all of our blessings are with us. There are some, however, that we must breakthrough, capture and drag to bring them into our possession. If you drag blessings, you will prosper.
Drag means to pull and to carry along. It requires a lot of effort. You must do what is right in order for you to get your blessings. The right thing here, is dragging.
A blessing is a divine aid or reward given by God for an achievement into his kingdom. There are residual and hidden blessings but when we give a good savoury offering, we will be able to get all of our blessings.
We must be firstborns in the fear of God to be able to take hold of the blessings released. Firstborn with God is not necessarily the oldest by age. Rather, it is the one who obeys the instructions of God without thinking twice and as such dashes blessings out very fast. Firstborns know how to offer savory meat. A savory meat is a substance of sacrifice that is presented to God from a dedicated heart. It must be inviting, appealing and must have a very good flavour.
God has put in place, a prophetess for all who seek to drag. Through this prophetess, God heals our hopelessness and helplessness. Christ is the prophet of our destiny. However, he is not alone in prophesying these things upon us. He has made a helpmate to help Him in the prophetic ministry – the prophetess. The prophetess is the church. We, the members who make up the church, are the individual prophetesses. We have been charged with carrying out the instructions and revealing prophecies given by the prophet.
A weapon is an instrument or any other means of harming or exerting control over another. You cannot fight and win over your enemies without suitable weapons. Where there are weapons, invariably, there are bound to be
1. Contenders.
2. Opposers.
3. Enemies.
4. Battles to fight.
It is therefore sacrosanct that we put on the whole armour of God, so we can withstand all of these enemies.
In conclusion, you cannot move fast in life until you conquer those things that oppress and depress you.

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