Message by – BISHOP (DR.) S.I. OKELEZOH
Main Texts – 2 Kings 6:24-25, 2 kings 7:1, Rom 10:6-13.
Believing is the power that can reach out to any part of the world and it works with believers who know their God. They do exploit with it. We need this key at this time of our lives, home and businesses.
You have the power, the secret, which is your heart. (Prov. 23:7)
When God rises from the throne, great things happen. God is more glorified when you operate by faith than by the physical means.
Faith is the highest currency that you can change to any other currency. That is why when the currency of faith arises, it attracts and magnets all other currencies.
The process of receiving first is ‘‘believing that you have received’’, and that is why we do not move by what we see but by faith.
There are no impossibilities with the believer. (Mk.9:23). What the devil does is to make you see the mountains, but by faith, you cast them out. (mk.11:23-24).
When your speed of believe is very fast, you capture a lot of blessings.
When there are certain delays in what you ask for, know that it is for a better thing to happen. This is the period to set your eyes on your blessings.
If mountains do not come to you, you will remain the way you are. If you are able to step over your mountain, you move to a higher level. And If you don’t have blemish in your character, you will be well favored by heaven and by men. I like you to also know that things don’t just happen, it is what you set in motion that you harvest.
Your believing power has the power to interact with God and angels. And not until you connect with the spiritual, it cannot manifest in the physical.
Believing is extractive, productive, constructive, receiving, possessing and having.
Believing is receiving, which enables the having status and empowers the giving status. In believing, there is possibility power. Believing power kills, destroys, and crushes the power of impossibilities. Hallelujah!

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