MAIN TEXT: Eccl. 12:1
The days of your youth are the days of decisions and laying of foundation – right or wrong. Thus your youthful season is a season to remember the lord.
There are many youth and teens in the bible days who loved the Lord and served Him with all their heart, and they did not fail to receive their rewards.
Some examples are:
1) David – 1 Sam. 17:32-51. David was a young man who had a heart for God and the bible recorded that God called him a man after His own heart. Because of his heart for God and His people, God used him to defeat Goliath and to bring victory to the people of Israel.
2) Mary (the mother of Jesus Christ) – this was a young girl in the bible through whom the saviour of the world came. Mary found favour in the sight of God because of her love and loyalty to Go. She kept herself; even while in courtship with Joseph did not engage in immorality because of her love for God.
3) Daniel and his three friends, Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego. These four young men took their stand in God even in a foreign land. It would have been easy for them to deny their faith in God because of the temptation, trial, frustration etc that they faced, but out of devotion and absolute loyalty to God, they held on to what they believe. Even when told that they would be throne into the fire did not waver in their aith but held on to what they believe. They did not fail to profess their faith. Daniel 1,2
4) Joseph, the son of Jacob is another example. Joseph was not necessarily perfect but devoted to his father and separated himself from evil. A lot of things happened to him – misunderstood and mocked, ridiculed by the brothers because of his dream, sold into slavery, accused of rape attempt by Potiphar’s wife, throne into the prison – but he did not give up on God, himself and what he believed, and at the set time, God made him exactly.
It is expedient therefore that youth serve God because they have strength passion or zeal to their advantage
God bless you!

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