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WOMEN CONVENTION 2017…the experience

Wonderful, amazing and a power packed experience are the words of perfection women of faith to describe the just concluded national women’s convention 2017 with the theme ” help in times of need”. Truly there has been an encounter and a transformation.
Beginning from day one which was the opening ceremony a message was ministered by Bishop Dr. S.I Okelezoh titled ” Numbering contending times”. Which gave the understanding that there are good and bad times, time reveals what we have, the understanding and knowledge of time is our inauguration into life.without the understanding of time, we will not be able to wage a good warfare. God does not want his people to be ignorant of time in order not to perish.

Day two of the conference was another amazing moment that consisted of the morning and evening sessions respectively. As bishop Mrs Jane OKELEZOH led the women to know that for God to help us in our times of need we must submit to him, seek him in fear and shun every association of evil. She also added that we must have wisdom, knowledge and love as women. For God to do his part, we have a role to play because we serve a God that gives to man according to his works. She made us understand that God test run our faithfulness through bad Or though times. God is faithful to always help us therefore we should also be ready to work for him.
Still in the conference spirit, day two evening session began with various ministrations in songs and the conference hymn with powerful lyrics. The evening continued with a message by the Bishop titled “Approved and Disapproved help needs”. Which talked about the kind of needs that are approved and did approved by God and the various classes of needs which are personal, family and national needs. We were meant to understand that needs are helped by God either directly Or indirectly and these needs can only be helped when it is with a right motive.your needs will suffer without help when it is with the wrong motive.God cannot grant the needs that are lustful, envy tied, selfish or greedy. God is only comitted to approve needs that are love motivated, charity needs, blessing needs and caring needs.it is only the wise and humble that can have abundance of their needs met.
Day three began with health matters. The women were lectured on hygiene and hepatitis also on blood pressure and sugar level. Indeed the women appreciates the moment as free test was carried out for blood sugar level the session continued with a message by pastor Dr. Mrs Divine Ojuh titled”place of help”.the women were taught that a place of help is our right positioning to access the help from God at all times. It is were the help God has provided can locate using times if need.various places of help was listed and in all the place of kingdom service was emphasized on(Rom 12:1).Gods kingdom service is all that we do with our lives, time, opportunities, relationship and resources to the glory of Gods name it is when what we do with all we have to promotes or advances Gods kingdom interest( Phil 2:21).its when our lives add value to others, where we are and what we do.

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