Topic: God’s cause extenders
By Bishop (Dr.) S.I Okelezoh
Text: 1Sam.17:29, Jere.30:13, Psalm 19:1-11 Psalm 89:19.

Cause: It is a generative power for production and establishment. Cause births course, we must follow God’s course to remain in his cause.
Cause extenders are those who carry out God’s will and plan. His cause goes with His power of ordination. He releases this power to establish What he has created…
His cause are established by..
*Cause line
*Cause anointing
*Cause spirit: The spirit of excellence ensures that what he has created doesn’t wither.
*Cause attribute
*Cause messengers:Angelic messengers
:church messengers(pastors, deacon,..)
*Cause extension
*Cause wisdom (when we become vessels he releases His wisdom unto us)
*Cause knowledge
*Cause understanding
God has created foundations andnpillars to help the cause. These pillars bear the load of the cause, support the cause to achieving God’s plan and will…
These pillars are also seen in our homes, churches. As established Cause extenders, (mighty helpers) we are expected to help those around us.
Examples of pillars in the bible
Esther, Jacob,Jesse, Samson, Anna(luke 2:36-37), Simon(luke 2:25-35) Joseph, Samuel, Abraham, Noah, David….
This message there enable us to know that God has laid and positioned mighty established help and helpers to support His cause.

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