Bishop Samson I. Okelezoh
Romans 10 vs 15, Daniel 6 vs 7 – 9; 23 – 28, I Samuel 25 vs 5 – 11; 38

The sole of the feet has special significance as far as spiritual mysteries go.
The ‘sole’ represents an exclusive power and authority for the achievement of whatever
The feet represents a dual possession of authority, based on the availability of individual
soles on each foot. There is also the presence of five toes on each foot, which stands for
grace. Hence a Christian is literally supposed to WALK WITH GRACE.
A combination of the grace and authority carried on one’s feet gives a power and presence
beyond ordinary.
The sole of the feet has claim to authority over the land it treads. It represents a sense of
responsibility and competence imbibed by its owner.
The sole of the feet is used as a territorial mark for its possessor. Wherever you tread, you
get. It is a symbol of contention. It is a symbol of judgment.
Every man and woman alike, who has been bequeathed with this authority, must therefore
utilize it to cause grave dramatic changes to their environment. The power and grace
present in their soles must be transmitted to their tongues and spewed out in prophetic
Give strength to your words. Continuously and consciously empower your speech.

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