Egypt Given For Thy Ransom by Bishop Dr. S. I. Okelezoh

Scriptural Reference
Isaiah 43 :3-4
Genesis 37: 11-18


God told me that this convection is a special one and that He is commissioning you. God is sending you as a fruitful bough to many people that He will be sending your way after this time.

In Gen. 37:13, Joseph was available for his father to send thus, you must be available for God to use. Joseph was sent to Shechem in Gen.37:14 to see how his brothers were fairing. Shechem means shoulder and shoulder is use to carry burden. So being sent to Shechem means that he has been given the authority to bear burden.

Read Gen. 45:4-8

Before this scripture, so many things have happened and verse 8 is the fulfillment of the dreams God gave to Joseph. Joseph was very high in knowledge and understanding that was why he said what he said in verse 5. Thus the man that God will use must be very deep and high in knowledge and understanding.

Note Joseph means “may Jehovah hear and give increase”. Life is prayer.You either say it, work it, do or act it. Whatever you pray is what you will become.

Now this is the mystery in Isa. 43:3-4. God sent Joseph to Egypt to give Egypt as a ransom for Israel that is why when there was famine, the children of Jacob (Israel) were kept, they did not die. This is God’s wisdom to you also as the Joseph generation. The unbelievers are ransom for us. God has put great treasures in them for us, thus we must relate with them in order to receive what God has put in them for us. God also want us to change them and win them to the light by our lives.

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