Being Resourceful by Shotonwa Lanre

Being resourceful starts with knowing what to do with the resources that is available to you per-time. Ezekiel. 2:2.

For you to be resourceful, in the godly way, this end-time, you must stay in the level of perfection. And we have been taught severally by the bishop that perfection stands for the seven spirits of God. Know that God expects us to be resourceful. Also note that the world, every sector of the world is limited in resources, and it is only the spirit of God who is not limited in resources. Now, one of the most profound ways to be resourceful is via the spirit of grace. And we know that the spirit of grace can be received through the servant of God.

In Rom 8:19, we are told that the earnest expectation of creation awaits the manifestations of the sons of God. Note the word in bold font. Not only is the world waiting for us to manifest, God is also waiting. In acts, God is looking on us to manifest, thus, the time to be resourceful is now.

Resourcefulness is the portion of spirituality. Get that!

So, no matter what you have been taught or have known, you cannot get better resourcefulness but from the spirit of grace and via impartation. And the key to receiving this is diligent, sincere or honest and wholehearted followership. By this, God will move you into getting ideas that will turn your life around, ideas that will lead you into getting wealth and being prosperous as God would have you.

Finally, know that God does not pay or reward those who only go about their own businesses. But God is a rewarder, He pays those who are diligent workers in His vineyard.

God is waiting for sons and daughters to manifest, as we saw earlier in Rom. 8:19. Thus if you must manifest, then you have to grow. You must row from the level of a babe to a mature son who is ready for full manifestation.

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