Purpose and Fulfilment by Pastor Obafemi Oluwasemire

God created everyone with a purpose, and purpose is one thing that God expects everyone to fulfill. You are who you are and what you are for a reason. You are here on earth for a divine purpose.

God expects everyone to live a purposeful life. In Genesis 1:26-28, God showed His reason for making man and that is to have dominion over the earth. You are a product of divine purpose. You are the you in you that has not manifested.

Purpose is in your identity.

To be without a purpose is to be indisposed. Do not live by number but by purpose. In Jeremiah 1:4-5, God spoke and said that He has a purpose, He has called us for a reason, paraphrasing now, even as He spoke concerning Jeremiah the Prophet.

Note that purpose is older than you, that is, before you ever existed, purpose existed. But the good news is you have been given everything you need to fulfill purpose.

When purpose starts calling sometimes, you may not know because it is sometimes accompanied by challenges or difficulties of various kinds, just like Joseph.

Your purpose is in your identity. Thus your divine assignment will give you three things:

1) Your Identity

2) Your status

3) Your place or placement in life

The above keys show that a person whose purpose has not been discovered is still missing on earth.

God has a aim and it is revealed in his divine purpose. God also has a target, a divine target and it is revealed in purpose, and the greatest weapon the Devil uses to drag people away from their divine purpose is distractions.

Now, purpose is on time that is why when seasons are unravelled, the first thing that appears is purpose. See Eccl. 3:1. I like you to always understand that if you pursue your purpose early, you will arrive early. Note the difference between Joseph and father Abraham. Joseph started at the age of 17 and by the time he was 30y ears old, he already got it. Father Abraham on the other hand started at the age of 75 and got what was promised at the age of 100. Thus when you begin early, you get there early.

Purpose is carried in the womb of time and just as you cannot pause or hold time so you cannot pause the season for purpose manifestation, and that is why you must not miss your divine season. You are God’s potential seed that heaven and earth are waiting for


1) Know God, befriend God.

2) Befriend the word of God. It was in Lk. 1:18 that Jesus read and saw what was written concerning Him. Your life script is in the word.

3) Counsel from God’s anointed. This is key because a word from God’s servant can carry you to your divine destiny. See Prov. 20:18 and 15:22

4) Through challenges or difficulties


Fruitfulness cannot be possible without God, just as purpose cannot be fulfilled without God.

Fruitfulness is a proof of a healthy spiritual life. It is partnership with God that engenders the fulfillment of divine destiny – Gen. 1:27

Here are some things you should know about fruitfulness

1) You cannot be fruitful without connection with God – Gen. 1:26

2) You must be in partnership with God – Gen. 1: 27

3) Fruitfulness is God’s command to us – Gen. 1:28

Finally, to be fruitful;

1) You must be connected with Christ – Jn. 15

2) You must be yielded to God

3) You must be aligned to God’s will

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