TEXT: Deut. 32:6-12, Lev 10:1-3, Exodus 31:1-5, Isaiah 41:6-7, Psalm 82:1-8

God isolates you, focusing His light and life on you when you allow Him. He enlightens you so that He can send you, not just vertically but longitudinally and horizontally. God, after finishing the vertical aspect workmanship which has to do with the education of your spirit, He will give you charges in the process of it. We are about to go into the longitudinal of horizontal aspect of workmanship, but before God does that, there are things that God will discuss with you which is very precious to Him. He will make sure that He prepares you; He is not going to be in haste because He had sent many that failed Him. For a long-lasting workmanship, God wants to take His time in preparing you. What you need to properly enter into the various culture and families of the earth, He has put it in you that’s why He took time in preparing Abraham. So, if you become well prepared, you will not be a stranger to any culture.
Some of us search for the Holy Ghost but didn’t get him because if you seek for the Holy Ghost cheap, you will lose Him cheap. God will only reveal Himself to those who truly asked, and our asking will be tested by the length of our seeking and how hard it took us to know where He is; it took some of us lots of time to find Him. When we finally got Him, we knew how precious He Is as we try not to lose Him.
He wants to bring you to a sanctified state; a place of holiness to become concentrated. What is Holiness? Is the state of absolute freedom from any form of evil, impurity, corruption, sin, death etc. He wants to sanctify you so, you can become His workmanship (Deut. 32:6-12). “. . . I will be sanctified in them that come nigh me, and before all the people I will be glorified. And Aaron held his peace” (Lev. 10: 3).
When we become God’s workmanship, there are certain gifts that we have privilege to.
• Spiritual gifts i.e. tongue of prophecy, spirit of seeing visions etc.
• Natural gifts which are distributed to members of Christ who are saved, full of the Holy spirit but are been given certain knowledge, skills, technology used in building physical structures that will bring conducive atmosphere. “And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship” (Exodus 31:3).
God prepares us by emptying your vessels and filling it with glorious things in life i.e. His word and way of life, leaving no space for Satan. God wants us to fulfill His purpose for us here on earth. God is full of wisdom and power, so fulfill denotes: what is coming from above (Heaven) that is full, looking for a vessel to fill; that’s the reason God emptied you. Anything that is full on earth, has been filled by something. One of the thing Satan must not take away from us is openness. We must be able to expose our sins before God, which shows that we love Him. A man who confesses his sins is saying that he hates devil and loves God. Before you can be filled, you must empty and humble yourself. Another meaning of fulfill is the execution of the office and duty that God has given to you. When we have fulfilled our various ministry, then we have filled the body of Christ.
Everyone is going to face judgement. There are three kind of judgement that we are going to face.
• Glorious judgement: A judgement where God is going to answer all our question concerning what to we should follow to make it to heaven? How can we live a glorious life? etc.
• Examination judgement: This is not the conclusive judgement because God regularly test our faith whether we are in order (Psalm 82:1-8). “Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked” (Psalm 82:4). Who are the poor? They are those who have been cut off from the creator (God). Real poverty comes when you are disconnected from the spirit of God because it is from God that all riches and prosperity come from.
• Dreadful judgement: We must all stand before God and give account of we did while we were on earth. Some will be rewarded and some will be condemned but don’t be among those who will be condemned.

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