Topic: The Marriage Cause
BY Bishop (Dr) S.I Okelezoh

Text: Matt.19:4-6; Psa.19:1-6; Pro. 31:15-28; Isa. 62:1-5

Every believer is a wife to Christ. Christ is the groom and we are the bride’s. Marriage is a race of life and destiny of both parties running for God, church and cause. This race takes endurance and great sacrifice. When we finish the race, we receive a great reward from God.

Bride chamber: is a resourceful room, place on earth that the marriage ritual is done. A Bride is formed from the Bride chamber. The groom is the bride chamber. She was formed with the ribs of man she therefore knows that she came from the chamber of her husband. She must respect, protect and obey him Always. She must not pollute or destroy it. A wise woman does anything to build the chamber while a foolish woman destroys and locks it down with her own hands.
Christ is our bride chamber. Man was in that bride chamber before he was formed.

Bride groom: is a man that groom, trains prepare the wife the wife for the society. He posses all the resources to implement the grooming of the bride. If she is to be groomed by the groom she must be ready to pay the price;
*Submission: She must submit herself to her husband totally, she must Belleek and willing to learn from her husband. If she doesn’t submit herself she cannot be groomed. E.g Eve.

Married couples must have a clear knowledge and the secrete of appropriations. They must stay in the bride chamber of christ, be mindful and renew their vows with him.
God has made us the light of physical world while He the light of heaven. He prepared three programme for us;
* The feast of Passover: This is the first place we go through for purification and sanctification. We then receive acknowledgment from God.

*Pentecost: The holy spirit then comes upon us because we are now pure. He becomes our spiritual leader that guides, leads, teaches us all things.

*perfection : It is done In the last days because the devil knows we want to meet with God. Through the “feast of terbanacle”.
Christ is the g roomerm redeemer, builder, the way, truth and the life. As long as the the bride groom is in the bride chamber we can No depart from Grace.
The holy spirit is also tap groomer, comforter, leader of all truth revealer of all things.
Man is the Sun while the woman is the moon the Sun emmitts power and light while the moon is cool. (Gen. 37:9-11).

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