Topic: Living in Christ love cause house
BY Bishop (Dr) S.I Okelezoh

The process of Christ shedding his blood is for the redemption of believers. God wants us to live in the blood of Christ which is the internal foundation of His word. God never lays a foundation without the power of His blood. His greatest foundation, pillars of his eternal security is in His blood.
We live with the blood, live inside the blood and are covered with His blood this is the only way our success and prosperity is guaranteed.
We as believers are seen with the price tag of the blood, the church of christ is also purchased with the blood
*Our garments: we have three garment:
Spiritual garment
Soul garment
Body garment
These garments must be rolled in the blood. They can be rolled omly if we go through the refining fire. This refining fire is the word of God. The word of God is fire, hammer and a purifying water. It is sharper than two edge sword.
Our garments should be dyed of the blood. So Christ’s blood dyes our spirit fabric, soul fabric and body fabric completely.
*The dying process: Before we are dyed we are soaked for days and we must be meek when meeting Him. We meet with christ by having our quiet time regularly, focussing all our attention on Him alone. We become conformed and He cleanses us with His power. We are then seen with the blood and are recognized by this blood as Christians.
*The blood is the mercy seat: The mercy seat meant for cleansing, purifying and for the forgiveness of sins.It is the secrete place of the most high. We obtain mercy through His blood. Through His blood our sins are forgiven.

As believers we are expected to have a contrite heart and spirit to control and overule. for when we have a broken spirit God will not depart from us. A Godly soul worketh repentance which helps us to abide in the rich treasures of Christ. He has implanted in us the affiliative sub-strate of his blood. So we can now say Christ is in us

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